*Below is a list of common questions about the THE NEON RUN…

Can I run with my kids?

What if I want to register using my LivingSocial or Groupon code after online registration closes?

Is there an age limit?

Where do I go for Packet Pick-Up?

What Discounts are available?

What if I am having trouble registering online?

Does my name have to be Usain Bolt to be able to run?

Can I register as a team?

Do you donate to a charity or cause?

Will the NEON GLOW water ruin clothes or running shoes?

First Aid


Do “Neon Glow Zones” affect vision, taste, or breathing?

How does the neon affect the interior of my car?

Black lights?

What is included in THE NEON RUN Entry Fee?

Will there be beer?

Can I transfer my registration from one city to another?

Are there refunds?